Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Timeline (9000bce-1769)

To start, here is a timeline of American history.
(bce=before the common era, ce=common era)

9000bce--Agriculture invented in Mexico and Peru

5000bce-1000ce--Mound builders thrive in Mississippi Valley

900-1200--Hopi and Zuni tribes establish towns

1000--Vikings sail to Newfoundland

1142-1451--Great League formed among Iroquois Indians

1215--Signing of the Magna Carta

1430s--Gutenberg develops printing press

1434--Portuguese explore African coast below the Sahara

1487--Bartolmeu Dias reaches the Cape of Good Hope

1492--Columbus's first voyage to the New World

1497--John Cabot reaches Newfoundland

1498--Vasco de Gama sails to the Indian Ocean

1500--Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugal

1502--First African slaves transported to Caribbean Islands; Nicolas de Ovando establishes settlement on Hispaniola

1516--Thomas More's Utopia

1517--Martin Luther launches the Protestant Reformation with his Ninety-Five Theses

1519--Hernan Cortes arrives in Mexico

1530s--Pizarro's conquest of Peru

1542--Spain promulgates the New Laws

1585--Sir Walter Raleigh sets up an establishment on Roanoke Island in what is now Virginia...it failed

1588--Sinking of the Spanish Armada

1607--Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement, is established

1608--Samuel de Champlain establishes Quebec; Henry Hudson claims New Netherland

1610--Santa Fe established

1614--John Rolfe marries Pocahontas

1619--First black slaves arrive in Virginia

1620--Discovery of tobacco; Pilgrims sail on Mayflower to America

1622--Uprising led by Opechancanough against Virginia colony

1624--Dutch West India Company settles Manhattan

1630--Massachusetts founded

1636--Roger Williams kicked out of Massachusetts Bay Colony and establishes Rhode Island

1637--Anne Hutchinson placed on trial in Massachusetts; Pequot War

1638--"Oath of a Freeman"

1639--Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

1642-49--English Civil War

1649--Maryland (established 1632) adopts "An Act Concerning Religion"

1651--First Navigation Act issued by Parliament

1662--Half-Way Covenant proclaimed by Puritans in Massachusetts

1664--English seize New Netherland which becomes New York

1669--The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina

1670--First English settlers arrive in Carolina

1675-76--King Philip's War

1676--Bacon's Rebellion

1680--Pueblo Revolt

1681--William Penn granted Pennsylvania

1682--Charter of Liberty drafted by Penn

1683--Charter of Liberties and Privileges drafted by the New York assembly

1686-88--Dominion of New England formed

1688--Glorious Revolution in England

1689--Parliament enacts a Bill of Rights; Maryland Uprising; Leisler's Rebellion

1690--Toleration Act passed by Parliament

1691--Virginia outlaws English-Indian marraiges; Plymouth Colony absorbed into Massachusetts

1691-92--Salem Witch Trials

1707--Act of Union creating Great Britain

1712--Slave uprising in New York City

1713--Treaty of Utrecht

1715--Yamasee and Creek uprising is crushed

1720-23--Cato's Letters

1727--Junto Club founded by Benjamin Franklin

1728--Pennsylvania Gazette established

1730s--Great Awakening

1733--Georgia colony founded

1735--John Peter Zenger put on trial for libel

1737--Walking Purchase

1739--Stono Rebellion

1749--Ohio Company awarded land from Virginia

1754-63--Great War for Empire (French and Indian War)

1754--Albany Plan of Union drafted by Benjamin Franklin

1757--William Pitt sits as British Prime Minister

1760--George III assumes the British thrones

1763--Pontiac's Rebellion; British government issues Proclamation of 1763

1764--Sugar/Molasses Act

1765--Stamp Act; Sons of Liberty organized

1767--Townshend Acts

1769--Father Serra establishes first mission in California

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  1. Something I forgot in this timeline:

    1700--Samuel Sewall's "The Selling of Joseph" becomes the first anti-slavery tract in America.


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