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The Whiskey Rebellion

My dad and I like to stay up late together and watch TV to help unwind after our long days of work and school. One of the shows we love to watch together is "Moonshiners" on the Discovery Channel. Over the course of the two seasons, all of the cast members have said at least once each that alcohol is a major part of America's history, and they're right. In fact, we nearly had a full-blown war over alcohol.

Following the ratification of the Constitution, a new federal government began operating in 1789. Under the previous government whose laws were based on the Articles of Confederation, the government did not have the right to levy taxes and thus had to resort to borrowing money to meet expenses, accumulating over $54 million in debt with the individual states accumulating another $25 million (today, that would be $1,450,000,000 and $672,000,000 respectively). Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, wanted to use this debt to create a financial syst…