Help My School!

Hello readers. I'm taking a break from writing about American history in order to appeal to you all about a cause that is dear to me.

This is my second year teaching high school history in a small private alternative school. Being a private school, we don't get funding from the state, and we don't have enough students to where tuition payments can help keep us afloat. We're in need of supplies to help keep the school running and to provide our students with the materials needed to help them succeed this school year and beyond.

My school is working with the retail company I work for to raise money to ensure we can continue providing educational opportunities to our students. We're selling coupon booklets for BonTon to be used online or in store from November 9-12. These booklets can be purchase online (or in person) for $5 per booklet, with free shipping and guaranteed arrival before the sales event. What do you get in return for your donation? You get over $500 worth of savings that can be used store-wide in store and online.

How can you ensure your donation gets to my school? Here's a link to our page on the sale's site: BonTon Community Days (just click the link).

Please help out my school if you have the heart and the ability to do so.

I do apologize for not having posted in a month. I've been busy with teaching, working my retail job, and working on a writing sample so I can apply to graduate school and earn my Master's Degree in history. I promise to make a real post soon.


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